Our team, our skills

ARDEN ESTATE is an Ardennes-based estate agency

that was founded by Mr Régis GAROT and Ms Delphine NOWAKOWSKI, estate agents. With more than 15 years of experience in the real estate market (from both an agency’s as well as a solicitor/notary’s firm perspective), ARDEN ESTATE provides you with solid consultancy service, real property advice and advertising as well as translation.
Relying on Mr GAROT’s expertise, the estate agency guides you throughout the various stages of the property-selling or property-buying process, from valuation to completion.

Property sellers,

Arden Estate will thoroughly focus on the history as well as the location of your house or farmhouse. In that respect, Mr Garot’s experience built over the years while driving on the roads of the Ardennes will also prove extremely useful: altogether, Arden Estate will be able to give your buyer relevant, accurate, detailed information about the property, in order to help him/her in his/her decision-making process.

Property buyers,

Arden Estate also carefully assesses your needs : the priority for the estate agents is to show you only properties that will meet your expectations.

You are British, Dutch, Belgian, Luxemburghese, an EU citizen?

Arden Estate also has another advantage : Ms Delphine Nowakowski will help you throughout the various stages of your buying process, by translating the difficult bits in English and answering more specific questions that may be related to the ‘international context’ of the situation: she will draw on her own experience as a former expat in the UK where she bought a property herself. She will rely on it to assist you when you are far, ‘abroad’, making sure that your own experience will prove as successful as hers!

Buying or selling a property in the French Ardennes

Our French Ardennes benefit from a privileged location : Charleville Mézières is only a 2-hour drive from Brussels, a 1-hour-and-40-minute drive from Luxembourg, a 4-hour drive from Amsterdam or a 6-hour-and-15-minutes drive from London (precise, isn’t it?! that is, via the Shuttle, and excluding the time spent on going through customs… ). This green region where many places still enjoy unspoilt nature remains typically French, through its local products and gastronomy, as well as its closeness to the Marne area and its Champagne vineyards.

With a 2-hour-and-30-minute drive to Paris, the Ardennes region offers interesting advantages, including fairly low property prices – a real bargain when compared to prices in cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, London or Paris!

Whatever your project may be: the Arden Estate agents are available for help, information and advice.

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